Handling Divorce for Multi-Cultural Couples

Diversity in cultures often means diversity in perspectives, values and core beliefs. This diversity, if not recognized and understood, can add an extra layer of challenge to an already challenging life event.

Creative and Respectful Approach

The Collaborative Divorce Network is experienced in working with couples from many different cultures and backgrounds. We work within the Collaborative Process to create a settlement that respects each party's culture and heritage. Cultural practices, religious beliefs and time-honoured traditions influence everyone's day-to-day life – these important practices, beliefs and traditions are better honoured and respected in the Collaborative Process than in court.

"The Collaborative Process allows each spouse to work with the Collaborative professionals and each other to craft an agreement that meets the needs of each spouse.”

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Customized Solutions

The Collaborative Process allows the spouses to work with their collaborative professionals and each other to craft an agreement specific to their needs. For example, it may be important for one spouse to have parenting time that accommodates a religious holiday where the date changes from year to year, or the spouses may require a plan if their respective religious holidays overlap at any given time. In the Collaborative Process, we respect the importance of the different cultures and backgrounds and strive to assist the spouses to craft an agreement that meets the needs of each spouse.

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